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Step into a digital ecosystem A world of services at your fingertips Smart governance is a key success factor to drive your business. DBoard gives you access to a variety of Deloitte services all under one roof.
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Helping business succeed in the digital world

DBoard is a secured online portal hosted in Luxembourg, offering a suite of applications to increase your business activities with Deloitte.

The portal offers real-time access to dashboards, project reports, data and documents and takes our interaction model to a different level.

DBoard is a centralized location for your engagements with Deloitte in Regulatory, Tax and audit, offering a variety of services ready to assist you in your cross border distribution strategies.

Monitor the execution of your engagement at every stage (completion, timing, roles, tasks description).
Consolidated view on the status of various activities of your engagement conducted with Deloitte.
Document library to securely exchange data, upload or collect documents in the context of your engagement.
Exchange messages in a specific context with dedicated and pre-defined recipients. Configurable notifications are available to ensure that you remain up to date.
An evolving platform with access to tailor-made applications related to regulatory and fiscal challenges such as cross-border distributions or daily capital gain taxes.
Simplicity & Overview

Easy access, centralization and visualization of your Deloitte services in real time. State-of-the-art visuals make the portal intuitive while allowing you to stay up-to-date with your engagements.

Top to bottom control, enabling you to customize your desired level of detail. Quick overview of the status of your engagement.

Efficiency & Collaboration

Enhancing responsiveness to client requests and ensuring a smooth service delivery. Private messages and notifications keep you updated in real time on important events occuring during the project execution. You will not have to be connected permanently to the platform, but still ensure that you are not missing a status update.

Active collaboration allowing the exchange of comments on the project.

Flexibility & Security

Robust and reliable infrastructure. Platform available from anywhere, at any time.

Secured personalized client accounts.

Up-to-date security practices, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, to ensure you have been identified using the highest standard.

AIFMD Analytics
Allows asset managers to review via a set of dynamic dashboards all the analytics compiled by Deloitte within the AIFMD Annex IV reporting services.

AIFMD Annex IV reporting entered the regulatory landscape as a mean to standardize the information disclosed to regulators and to provide transparency to the alternative investment industry. The reports aim to capture the complexity of various portfolios driven by different investment strategies. Attempting to provide a full picture of the risks taken by the investment vehicles, the reports require the computation of risk figures, portfolio breakdowns, portfolio turnover, investor breakdowns as well as legal information.

Deloitte has developed a service offering to assist asset managers in fulfilling their duties. In particular, Deloitte offers to compile the AIFMD Annex IV Reports as reporting templates were defined by the European Securities and Markets Authority (“ESMA") under the articles 24(1), 24(2), 24(4) and 3(3)(d) of the AIFM Directive.

The AIFMD Analytics application is meant to facilitate our clients' oversight role over Deloitte's activities. It provides clear and intuitive visualization of the historical evolution of the AuM, geographical breakdown of AuM, Asset Class breakdown, as well as full insight of the portfolio.

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